Thursday, February 11, 2010

Deluxe Custom Tattoo Shop Photos!

The boys at Deluxe just opened up their shiny new shop down on Main Street North Bay this passed December, and were in need of some shots of the shop and a couple promo's of the artists....the last one shows what happens when you have an un-manned flash/umbrella during a windy day!! harm was done to the flash!

Tattoos of 2010

Two of my close friends recently just got some new ink done, so naturally they called me up to come in and snap some pics. Here are some from Scott's Zombie Ink done by Shawn Beatty at Deluxe Custom Tattoo in North Bay, and Keri's Tree by Joel at Live Once Tattoo in North Bay!

First Family Portrait of 2010

Happy New Year, and to start the year off right here are some shots from my first Portrat session of 2010!!

A Vaughan Photography Christmas Card

Shortly after Christmas one of my In-Laws neighbours asked me to take some shots of his house at night with the Christmas lights on, We just got a fresh snowfall and I was able to capture a great long exposure shot!

Christmas Portraits

Over this year's holdiay season I picked up a few on-location family portrait shoots. Here are some from David and Kim's family!

TheEscapeMvmt - November 2009

As many of you in the North Bay and surrounding area know of Andrew Morrison as the creator of Llama. Some of you may not know that Andrew has recently added a whole new line of clothingseparate from llama called TheEscapeMvmt, and I am honoured to have been chosen as the photographer once again to capture this brilliant creation! Enjoy!


Greetings Everyone
as you all can see it has been some time since my last posting! It has been a pretty slow season so far this year, so not too much on the go, especially with one of my computers failing in the first week of Jan. I will be getting some of the 2010 material up as soon as possible! Keep checking back for new posts!

p.s. For Wedding Inquires for 2010 contact me ASAP, almost full for this year!
Cheers Everyone!!