Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Back to Pandora

My dear friend Crystal-Lynn had me to some Cosplay shots of her in her Lillith costume, from the game Borderlands. As a huge fan of Borderlands... she nailed it!

Zach & Danielle

Beautiful couple, that were a hoot to work with. Really felt the love with these two!!

Family Ties

Super Fun family shoot with the Bennets

Baby on the Way!

Kody & Courtney brought me on to do 2 amazing maternity portrait shoots with them late spring!

Jenn and Tony

Winter engagement session with this adorable couple!

Brandyn & Britt

Adorable couple! They celebrated their 1 year anniversary!

Merry Christmas Mom & Dad

Fun before and after photo my brother and I did for my parents for Christmas!
I highly recommend doing these fun shots for your parents!